Diary #4

Cook is always a constant. Creating exciting menus that are within the limits of our audience/the product is beginning to get tougher by the week but I suppose the phrase “that’s your job” springs to mind whenever I hit a creative rut.

Mike gave some good advice: “make as many mistakes as you need but only make them once”, and I suppose thats what Business is in essence.

Slight crisis in confidence this week. There’s a lot of justified pressure to get the work done but because of how long it takes a recipe to go from inception to finished it means a ‘bad day’ or small mistakes from weeks ago can have a big effect down the line when you can’t even remember the issue in the first place.

Cook being in the development stage causes a lot of stress as I don’t have much to compare my work to and I’m flying blind a little.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, last Friday night was fun as was Dinerama last night – never had short rib like that before!


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