Diary #2

So I know it’s technically been more than a week but in my defence: (*generic excuse #716/b*).



So to summarise last week:

Personal life; one of the worst and most stressful of my life.

Professional life; one of the largest opportunities to learn from cock-ups and what I can do to fix them in the future.



I should get the phrase “attention to detail” tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so I don’t forget it – it really is the most important part of any job. We’ve identified where the errors are and I’m trying as much as I can to amend them before they become someone else’s problem in the future. Best place to start, though, is to take responsibility for it and not run away from the cock-up no matter how bloody obvious and annoying it is.

It’s all a learning process I guess.



Until next week (one can hope)…

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