Diary #1

3 weeks gone.

It’s really great to see how Sorted works as a company and more importantly as a business. I think one of its biggest assets is the culture in the workplace. There’s a good standard of work that goes out to the public and all the decisions made are very thoroughly thought out by the relevant people, but not in a way that stuff gets bogged down in bureaucracy. Stuff gets done.

The first couple of weeks were really tough for me, I struggled with the systems and general chaos and anxiety that comes with any new job but I think I’ve mostly worked it out now (a meal plan block is approximately equal to 12 furlongs per wiring and there are 5 seasons to the dollar).

Learning a lot about food styling and photography; how to hold a camera best for portrait shots and the fundamentals of exposure in a photo. Recipe writing is also improving, I’m enjoying the challenge of changing the audience for each product I’m working on (i.e. “friendly” Cook, “pragmatic” Book or “a bit of both” for Kenwood).

General tidiness and control of my workspace in the kitchen is an area I need to improve. No excuse really. Just get organised and stay tidy – I’ve had the training to know better.

I still want to figure out the best system for the kitchens – we’re cooking an industrial amount of food with domestic food storage systems which pose their challenges but that’s just the nature of the work. Also need to make the time for some side projects which is a personal time management task more than anything. Food for thought.

Still finding it difficult to conceptualise what my daily tasks are building towards or what it will all look like when the project is completed – I know what I’m doing but don’t entirely know why. I guess that will just come with time.

Until next week…